Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let Love Take Charge.....

Painting by Nitisha Sanan

On an unplanned visit to one wonderful friend's house, I happily discovered her amazing talent. She is a remarkable artist and the paintings she had done were right there in front of me, the moment she opened the door. I stood amazed, lost, speechless. It was a hurried visit so I just managed to have a peek at her talent and on my way home, my spellbound mind could do nothing but think of her paintings. I asked her to send a picture of her paintings and she did that promptly. Words came out, heartfelt words and I poured them down, much like the rain and the love that pours in the picture. I dedicate this poem to you, Nitisha, my lovely friend, who has always made us laugh with her jokes. I was so deeply moved by the skill of your strokes Nitisha, that I really really from the bottom of my heart want you to keep painting. Very few there are who have this ability. You are one of them. Please never give this up. Time we all can manage if we want to. I am sure you will too.This one is for you....just for you.....only for you....Thanks for touching my heart so deeply.....Lots of love to you....

She prances with joy
As he holds her hand
They meet today after so long
He had promised, she had doubted
But he came so she is happy
He brings back the smile she had lost somewhere
And carefully he places it back on her face
She weeps but he wipes the tears away
She has pined and waited and waited and waited
Was going away so important?
Was it really worth it?
All the anguish, all the pain?
She asks, he says wash it all away with rain
The little red roof over their head
Shines like an ornament
Her face is crimson too, flushed with too much excitement
He gives her a jewel, she says she cares for it not
She holds his hand tight and asks Will you not go again?
Will you not chase your dreams and leave me behind?
What if you go again and I am turned to dust?
He panics at the thought, he is about to stumble
But she holds her tight, she does not let him fall
His eyes are misty too, he too has loved, he too has sighed the sighs of loneliness
He too has longed for gentle touch, he too has known the agony of emptiness
The two languishing hearts stand in the rain
Thoughtful about their pursuit of happiness
She will not leave his hand and he will not let go of hers
It may rain all night or all day
She knows, and he knows too
Love brought them back together, 
They let love take charge.......

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