Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mystery Unlocked….

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With shivering hands and shaking heart
I held it….
Had dreamt of it
Had heard of it
Had seen it never ever before….
It came from the past
From times long lost
Or perhaps forgotten…..
How it survived no one knew
It had a certain mystery behind its very existence
It had defied all -
The wrath of nature,
The fury of humans,
The ferocious antipathy
Of kingdoms at war,
Raging lavas had burnt it not
But etched it in stone,
Making it permanent
And immortal unlike us
Plain book…
Full of ancient wisdom
It asked me just one question
Do you dare to open me?
I, of feeble mind and heart,
Confused, bemused, befuddled
Wondered what to do….
A whiff of breeze alerted me
The pages crinkled too…
Tempting me with their sound
The scent of antiquity
Numbed me and yet I was awake….
I touched the cover
It felt mossy
Underneath the verdant tree
The leaves rustled
The branches creaked
The broken twigs
Scratched against my naked feet….
I dared to open the flap
The words that danced before my eyes
A jumbled hodge-podge…
Is this ancient wisdom?
I stood bewildered
When the words magically flew
One sat on my nose
And said I am Pride
One sat on my heart
And said I am Love
One sat on my eyes
And said I am Perception
Choose out of these
One word you must
Before you proceed….
I was petrified
Had never seen Words
Come to life like this
Let me choose Pride
What will I get?
I asked.
You get nothing else
Except you yourself
A life full of ego
A life without friends….
What if I choose Vision, then?
You make of choice of mind
It makes you think a lot…
You ponder and you brood
Your knowledge is just impressions
That you make on the path of life
You get an understanding
But you often get misled
By that which you fail to understand
What if I choose Love….
You make a wise choice
Since with Love comes
A heart that is receptive
Is better than Midas’s touch
It leaves no place for hatred
It spares no room for pride
It makes you see without bias
And love’s perception is always kind
I choose, I choose
Oh I choose Love then…
Tell me, my ancestors, what next I should learn?
Turn the page again
Oh Curious One, a voice says.
I flip the pages,
One after another,
And another, and another
I see nothing
No more words to read
No more words to hear
Is this all that I need to learn?
I question a little loudly,
A little angrily
I feel offended
That after having laid my hands
On this treasure
All I get is this…
So I ask
What more do you need?
What more do you want?
It is Love that surpasses all.
When you ask, it is not Love
But Pride that makes you question
That makes you doubt
So shun all
But Love
That is all that matters
The Book will close and disappear…

It is up to you to Love or cease to be…..

I am participating in this creative activity organised by makers of The Path of Zarathustra in association with BlogAdda


  1. Wonderful. was like a mystery ride reading through this poem... :)

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  4. Nicely built and ingeniously written. Also, the best entry submitted as of now. Hope you win!!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your kind words....I am glad to know you liked it so much....May the best ones win.....:)