Thursday, April 21, 2016


A couple approached their son who was busy playing with his toys. They asked him, "Do you like cookies more or cake, dear?"

"Sometimes cake, sometimes cookies", the son replied.

"Do you like snow more or the sand at the beach, son?"

"Sometimes I like snowman and his carrot nose, and sometimes I like to build sand-castles at the beach."

"Do you like to play with Mama more or with Papa?"

"I like when you tell stories and Papa when he plays ball with me."

The couple looked at each other in the eye. They seemed to say to each other that they were no longer just a couple. They were parents too. It was time to resolve their quarrels for him whose little dreams were taking shape, whose little wings were learning to fly. Their own egos and expectations left no room for their precious child to blossom. They had no right to wither him away with their petty disputes.

They cuddled their child. They held each other's hand and left the room, with the conviction, that for him, they would stay together, that for him, they would sort things out.


It might be easy to walk out from your partner's life, but you can never walk out from the life of your children. At every point, your absence stabs their little hearts.

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  1. So true - they were no longer just a couple, they were parents too.

    1. Yes Haddock. It is time couples let go of their disputes for the sake of those little hearts who need them. It can be hard in some cases, that is also true. But in the present scenario, when divorces are increasing everyday, it is important to stop and think about the future of the children whose hearts break when their families break.

  2. True that, many couples stay in the relationship for the kid(s). And many do separate when they have none!

    1. When families break, it can be very harsh on the little children. Many times, they need the tender love of their mother, or the strong support of their father. Couples need t think about it when before they decide to drift apart.

  3. A short story with a depth. I liked the way you portrayed.