Wednesday, October 15, 2014

For You My Dear Friend

I wanted to touch the mighty sky
I stretched and stretched but hardly reached the roof
I thought I should fly like the sparrow on the tree
But I had no wings to fly me high
I thought I should float like that solitary cloud above me
But my ties held me back and my feet could not move
I gazed at the stars and asked them
Tell me what is in store tomorrow
Are there smiles, are there tears
Is there joy or is there sorrow
The stars did not answer me
I wanted to stop the time right there
But the seconds, the minutes were too slippery to catch
I thought of going back in time
To my mom, to my dad, to my brothers and my sisters
Back to my days of childhood but I could not
There was no door to take me there
I thought I will try to find God so I looked
I looked in many meccas of worship
I found idols, I found rituals
I found priests, I found traditions
But I did not find God
I walked on and came to a bush of flowers
I stopped and smelled a rose
It touched me, I gasped
I felt I was breathing, I felt I was alive
That was all that was there to life
The moment I was in
There was no tomorrow
I thought of you and in my mind
I held your hand
I brought you there
I gave you a rose and asked you to smell it
You smiled and you felt alive too
I wanted to tell you when you feel low
Go out there and bathe yourself in those scented flowers
Go sit by a lake and bend forward
And see yourself
That pretty beaming face
Those lovely lively eyes
Your name means worship
So worship you must
Worship yourself and your goodness within
When you want love
Go lie in the fields
Let the breeze kiss you and the grass caress you
They are so giving they want nothing back
Live the moment cherish the moment
Care not what will be
When you want to talk
Come to me
On a cup of tea we will laugh away the worries
and wash away the blues
Together we will walk on the paths ahead
But will always stop to smell the roses.

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