Friday, October 24, 2014


             Mac was prancing with joy. It was that time of the year again. Time when bells jingled and Santa came! Time when he left his favorite cookies for Santa by his little Christmas tree! Time when mommy would buy Mac presents. Mommy always said that Christmas is for giving and Mac thought that this meant Mommy would give him his present. He got ready and shouted, “Mommy, let’s go!”

“Grab a snack young man and then off we go”, Mommy answered from the kitchen. Mac hurried to her and picked up his peanut butter and jelly toast.
“Hurry up. We will be late Mommy”, Mac squealed.
Off they went, holding hand in hand. As the mall neared, Mac could see the spirit of holiday everywhere. Shops were decorated with Christmas lights. Balloons were everywhere. Happy kids with hands full of presents made Mac even happier. As they came near the toy shop, Mac saw someone sitting outside with a big poster that said ‘TOY DRIVE.
“What’s that, Mommy?”
“They are collecting toys for kids.”
“May be those kids do not have anyone to buy them presents, honey. May be they don’t have money.”
Mac read what was written on the poster as he walked past it. It had names of some kids and their wish-list. One name caught Mac’s attention -‘Sammy wants a red car’.
After a few seconds, he asked, “How many toys can we buy, Mommy?” “You know it Mac. We always buy one toy that you pick.”
They entered the toy shop. Mac saw the building blocks he wanted to purchase. Next to them was a collection of cars. There was a shiny red one there too. Mac remembered Sammy. Just then Mommy picked up the box of blocks. Mac stopped her.
“I want the car, please.”
“Are you sure Mac? You said you wanted the blocks”, Mommy asked.
“Please Mommy! Can I have this car?”
“Okay Mac”, Mommy put the box back and took the car.
As they headed out of the store, Mac pulled Mommy towards the ‘TOY DRIVE’.
“I want to give this to Sammy.”
“Who’s Sammy?” Mommy asked.
“I don’t know. I read it here.” Mac pointed on the list.
“But what about your Christmas present Mac?”
“You always tell me that Christmas is for giving. I think I want to give a present this time Mommy”
“You are such a gem Mac!” Mommy hugged Mac. She took the box and gave it to man collecting the toys.
“Do you want to write a note to Sammy?”, asked the man.
Mac wrote ‘Merry Christmas, Sammy’ and drew a smiley. He wrote his name and gave it to the man. The man asked Mac’s mommy to fill in a little form. After that Mac went home.
A day before Christmas, Mommy asked Mac to come to her room.
“You have a mail, Mac.”
“Who is it from?
It sure was a mail from Sammy - a ‘Thank You’ card that said that Mac had made the Christmas so very special for Sammy this year. The card read ‘Christmas is for giving. You gave me joy by fulfilling my wish. I wish upon the star that your wishes come true too. I send you joy. I send you my love. I send you my heartfelt thank you my dear friend.’
Mac felt very happy. He felt content. He hugged Mommy and said, “Merry Christmas Mommy”.

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