Friday, February 27, 2015

The Hummingbird Flies Away

Sharing food, friendship and love...

We had dinner together yesterday. One more time we sat together, ate and cracked jokes. One more time before one of us flies away to pursue her career. All of us wanted to say something about the one who leaves but words failed us and a flood of feelings drowned us all. While returning home I thought of  a tree laden with fruits. When one fruit ripens, it falls down and leaves the tree to spread its sweetness somewhere else. The tree feels hurt. New fruits keep growing. But whenever a fruit falls, the tree feels bare.

The more I think of our group, the more it fascinates me. We have come from far and formed an unbreakable bond. I used to think that fast friends were made in schools or colleges. But it happened to me after that too. In fact, it happened after my motherhood. My thoughts kept me awake and my mind pondered on each one of them. I wish to celebrate these charming friends here. But I refrain from using their names. Rather I name them as I see them and you my reader may find one of your friend praised here. After all, we all make everlasting friends and then we dote on each other. So here's to those amigos:

Eat, laugh and be merry - Her life's mantra!

I begin with the Zany, the quipster of our gang. She was the first one to move away, breaking our hearts. The first time she told me, I was shocked into silence. I could not eat, I could not smile. I was angry at her for doing this to me. It has been so long but it seems we met yesterday. She never fails to make you laugh. She has the head-start in making friends. Jokes can never fall flat when she is around since she has the knack of bringing out humor in the drabbest situation. Her heart is like an open book. You read and read and read, and you laugh and laugh and laugh. You can spot her in hairbands often and somebody rightly termed her the hairband girl. She sometimes makes me imagine a female Laughing Buddha minus the rotundness. I wonder why she doesn't gain weight despite being a foodie. If you are cooking a sumptuous meal, or a spicy snack and you are gossiping without offering her anything, she gets fidgety, frowns, and says, 'Let us start eating.'

Playful Mom who always manages to make us laugh!

Next in line is our small wonder. She is the Juicy Lass. She carries with her an invisible bag of jokes. Her repertoire is always fresh and overflowing with double entendres. She somehow tries to keep her sanity intact as she juggles between her son who is a Ninja warrior and her daughter who is a delicate daffodil. I love her expressions when she looks at my son who is gaining height fast and wonders that soon he will be taller than her. She is an exciting combination of a mom and a naughty girl. Her 'fanda' about life is very clear. She is not the one who will dilly-dally over small things. She has a very practical approach to life and will be more than happy if you give her a good thought to think over. Given her practical nature, she surprises me when I see tears in her eyes as she sees a friend leaving. She wonders why this should happen. It would have been better if we never met, she feels. Well, especially for you my lass, I remember the words of the great poet Tennyson

It's better to have loved and lost
than never to have loved at all...

How in the world can we let go of the countless moments we have shared - in joy and in sorrow. We have been together, healing and humoring each other. So, today too, lets just go with the flow, just like you said to me one day.

Should I admire the mom more or the baby!

I move on to Prada. She is the fashion belle. She is the chic, stylish, upscale girl. She loves to have a good picture clicked of her. And she is lucky to have a patient husband. She is the one who has so many stories to share - about how she celebrated her birthday, her anniversary, her valentine day and so on. She is a perfectionist too. Her beautiful home testifies to this. When my unmindful husband visited her place, even he said to me , 'How do they keep the house so organised? She is your friend, how come you never asked her?' And I just smiled. Well, Prada can do anything and Prada can get anything done. And the list of her skills does not end here. Prada is a bewitching dancer and a superb artist. I still remember the day my daughter was born and she gave me a beautiful card on which had paper-quilled two pink feet, done by her own hands. I can just go on and on about her but I often want to ask her something - Given her drool-worthy wardrobe and shoe-collection, if she has to go somewhere for two days, how does she choose which ones to take and how heavy is her bag!

Yellow and green and beauty in between...!

Now comes the one who is breaking our heart this time - the Humming bird. I don't know why I call her so. Maybe because I read somewhere how strong the hummingbirds are despite their tiny stature. I have read that the hummingbird can take a non-stop journey of 500 miles which takes about 18-22 hours. My friend has the same tenacity, the same perseverance. And she keeps humming too. She is the chirpy chatter-box and complements well with our Juicy Lass cracking jokes. She is the one who can comprehend both the most obscure and the most obvious jests. When I think of her, I think of colors too. She reminds me of both spring and Fall when vibrant colors deck the nature and make the world so captivating. Be it bold pinks or vibrant yellows or spotless whites, she wears them all with unmatched confidence and cheer. No wonder Prada and Humming bird gel so well. Another feather to her cap - her art. It is something I lately discovered. I can picture her mastering her strokes as I gaze on the painting she gifted me that I have put on the wall. I marvel how interesting her persona is.

Best freinds and soul mates!

So much so for this tremendous group I have been a part of. That day when we went down the memory lane, I realized I had been absent so often. But I still remain a part of this group despite being well, so different. I had asked all of them to describe each one of us in one word. I put below the words and praises that each one has for the other

Zany - Prada calls you gregarious, Hummingbird finds you mirthful and Juicy Lass calls you candid.

Juicy Lass - Prada finds you naughty, Hummingbird thinks you are 'love guru' and Zany calls you 'extrovert, practical, one who gives best information and best practical advice and 'yaaron ka yaar'.

Prada - Zany finds you 'bold and full of confidence', one who wants everything perfect, one who will not make many friends but will give her 100% to those whom you befriend. Hummingbird calls you 'bosom buddy'. Juicy Lass finds you 'thoughtful and helpful'.

Hummingbird - Prada calls you her 'soul sister' and finds you 'convivial'. Zany feels you are 'impressive', 'determined' , one with 'bright positive vibes', and 'the best friend to be a friend with'. Juicy Lass thinks you are 'optimistic'.

As for me, you all called me 'altruistic' (Hummingbird), intellectual (Prada), strong-willed and tough(Zany)  and affectionate(Juicy Lass). 

Need I say more before the Hummingbird flies away.....

Another one!

And when all of us were together

Good Times!


  1. Such a lovely article above and to ponder upon.Lovely to read about our dearest Sister In Law aka HummingBird.It's very true.She makes the whole ambience go lively and fun filled.Love you lots Bhaiya & Bhabhi.

    1. thanks aditi.....our hummingbird filled our life with her giggles....when I think of her, I always see her is a blessing to have her as a friend....thanks for stopping by and leaving your precious comment....