Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Words that Inspire, Writings that Stimulate.....

With due respect to all bloggers out there, I write this post to nominate two who really shine out. Writing happened to me after years of procrastination. But as they say, better late than never. And while penning down my thoughts, I came across many who left an indelible mark on my heart. I have picked two who remain closest to my heart in their consistent approach to engage the reader. These two people inspire, enlighten, and make us interrogate. Their writings unsettle you sometimes taking you out of your comfort zones. Their poems soothe you with a warmth that diffuses through their words. Every time I read them, I say to myself, 'Wow....I could never have written it so well'. To these two wonderful people and to their inspiring words, I dedicate my post. 

I do not wish to be nominated myself. I do this because I see this as an opportunity to express my regard for two fellow bloggers whose words and writings mean a lot to me.

Drishti : The Gaze

When I first discovered Archana's blog, it was not just the article but the name of her blog that attracted me. While the post had been on her grandpa, the blog's name evoked a response of subjective approach, of curiosity, of inquiry. I debated whether the name meant a looking into something or a perspective. And in my own mind I concluded that when you look/observe something closely, you develop an opinion, or reshape previously held notions which then give a new dimension to the perspectives you have.

Drishti does that. The writings in the blog entertain you and make you think at the same time. Be it the adeptly penned Haiku series and the pictures that complete them or be it the heart-felt articles on life that we live each day, they always leave an imprint on the reader's mind. Since this post is about nominations, I want to justify the names I pick by the writings on their blogs. After all, it is through the words of a blogger that we get a chance to understand his/her personality.

Take for example, Archana's take on Water. The subject is something one can write an essay on. Majority of people would define water as the source of life. One could go on and on or just stop there. Archana pens beautifully what it means to her. She talks about life, joy, anger and death in just a three-line poem. And the reader is mesmerized. Do I say anything more?

What does a broken heart mean to you? How would you describe the pain and anguish of someone in a failed relationship, failed because of betrayal? Read Broken Trust. Feel the agony of a crumbling relationship. Experience the pain that is 'worse than death'. And thank your stars if you are lucky in love!

If you are of a philosophical mind, go read Yin and Yang: The Role of H2O on Earth. A prompt sets the creativity flowing and what you have is some serious food for thought. Archana spins up a post that deals with issues of much relevance today. She connects water with the emotions we feel and calls it 'the stage manager of life'. The 'restlessness of water stimulates' and makes life exciting. I can go on writing about this post but I urge you to read it on your own since I cannot paraphrase the writer with full justice to her.

I asked Archana what writing means to her. She replied that it is something that keeps her 'intellectually alive'. It helps her connect with herself. And she rightly points out that all this reflects in whatever she writes.

I appreciate you with full sincerity Archana. I hope you will keep giving us such wonderful writings that will sometimes heal, sometimes unsettle us. I wish you and your blog, inspiration and success.

Lata Wonders

Just as I finished reading her latest post on 'Words', I started writing on her. I discovered Lata through a post she wrote on her Amma. It is so hard to imagine life without parents. The way Lata wrote to her late mother brought tears to my eyes. She spoke with a warmth that revealed a loving heart. As a reader, I wanted to go back to her blog again and again. And believe me, she never failed my expectations. She gives me something new each time she writes, be it on the question of God, or her ruminations on Success.

One post that I read over and over again is A Measure of Success called Joy. Lata talks of joy, of success, of creativity and cosmos in a way I have not read before. But I totally agree with her views on the topic. What is the measure of an artist's success? Her inquiry leads us to the notion of 'joy'. It is the transmission of this 'joy' from the artist to his devotee/audience that marks the former's success. A very valid point. And something one needs to take into account. It is not fame, not money, not fan-following, but a true appreciation of your worth that makes you really successful.

Earl's Secret was another post I enjoyed reading. Is it a post about Ooty, or the Eral who loved but never confessed? It is a post that hooks you right to the end, with a wit and humor that keeps you smiling. I actually felt I could picture the 'gentleman' Earl and his secret.

A Temple of Reflection was another post that left a mark on my mind. The write-up on the White Temple in Thailand leaves you thinking. It makes you ponder on the questions of life and death. That one click which Lata shares with her readers set my mind rolling too. What is life? Why do we visit temples? Where does one find solace? What is the purpose of art? These are the things that we ask when we read the post. It is aptly titled too. And one of the best by the author.

I asked Lata the same question I had asked Archana. What does writing means to you? She said that it meant a 'release', a 'catharsis'. She told me that a well-crafted sentence pleases her and gives her a 'thrill'. She also told me that she felt a little disheartened by the mutual back-scratching that is rampant in the world of blogging and told me that writing needs to retain an integrity it is lacking these days. This made me respect her even more. She is not just any blogger out there screaming for attention. She writes because it means the world to her. And because she puts her heart into writing, she reaches the reader's heart too. And just as she mentioned in her post on joy, that is the true measure of her success as a blogger.

I earnestly extend my thanks to you Lata for what you are doing. My nominating you is far from the 'back-scratching' intentions. It is because I love to read what you write that I nominate you. I wish you success, or rather 'joy', the essence of a life lived well.

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I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour Archana and Lata who have influenced me and deserve to be nominated at WIN15


  1. Hey Sunaina... thank you so much! Actually I am speechless. Very rarely do I find myself in a "I am at a loss of words" kind of situation, and this is one of those moments... your sincerity and generosity has touched our hearts; and Desh and I are grateful for this benevolent gesture. :) Thank you Sunaina :) love and hugs!

    1. Thanks to you wonderful bloggers who inspire and motivate others.....:)

  2. I enjoy reading both of them. Both are wonderful bloggers.

    1. Same here Saru....they are an inspiration....