Thursday, August 4, 2016


Soumya looked at them again. Then, she picked them up, and caressed them. The gentle grey and the soft pink colors played in her eyes, and perhaps in her memory too. She was in that room, but only physically. Her mind was transported somewhere else along with her heart. She was of slim built. Her hands were long, and her fingers thin and lean. In those slender but long hands, the tiny shoes looked even tinier. She hugged them, once again. Then, she lifted her head as if she was woken from a trance. She looked around. The room was scattered with clothes. Her four year old daughter was busy playing with some trinkets she had just taken out from the closet.

"Devika, can you come here, my dear?" She called out to her daughter.

The little girl took some sprightly steps towards her and landed in her lap.

"Look at these shoes. These were your first walking shoes. You took your first little steps wearing them."

Devika looked at them. "Pretty", she said. Then, she held the tiny shoes in her hand for a moment. Something else caught her attention the next minute. " lost dollie....", she loosened her mom's grip dropping the shoes from her hands, and jumped away.

With a sigh, Soumya picked up the shoes.

They don't mean anything to her at this age. And why will they? I am the one whose mind is filled with memories of those days. The many moments I have spent with her, the times I have fallen with her, the instants I have cried with her, feeling the pain of the cuts and scrapes on her knees and hands. It is me who is more attached to these tiny shoes. They are not just shoes for me. They are part of my motherhood. But to her, they are just shoes that don't fit anymore......... Baby shoes, how I had searched for the best I could afford for her, going from one shop to another....... Baby shoes are so pricey. The cuter they look....... the pricier they get....But I stole a deal that day, thank my lucky stars.....

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She touched the shoes one more time. Even though her daughter had used them so often, they were in the best condition. Unspoiled, un-torn, and beautiful.

They can be really useful for someone....another little girl like mine....someone's little princess.....They might brighten her eyes as she will look at these little beauties....hmm....I will miss them.....but.....that's not important.....Some other mom like might be able to smile as she watches her angel walk in these gems....

Her hands hesitated. Her heart ached. She put them in a bag and dropped them in the box labelled DONATION.

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  1. Ah! It's always a difficult to thing to donate your (or the kid's) old stuff. But at least it will help others.

  2. I feel great to know that his belongings would bring a smile on someone's face. Its our habit to attach to things we buy for our loved ones or we got from our loved ones. Nice take on the prompt Sunaina.

  3. This is really hard and I have ended up hoarding so much stuff from the twins' childhood. Yet it makes sense to give it away. I need to relook at my stash!

  4. That's a sentiment I am still put into action! I am still hoarding all the baby stuff, to what avail I have to idea! Beautiful take on the prompt Sunaina.

  5. I still have not parted with any of my kids things but as time is moving ahead will have to donate them - without choice. A lovely take on the prompt, dear.

  6. It is always very heart breaking to part with things you love,especially the ones belonging to kids.Those tiny little things carry sweet memories.

  7. It is courageous for moms to donate their children's old stuff for the memories those things have in them stored. I am sure the memories will stay forever with or without the tiny shoes.