Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A World full of Small Spaces....

An excellent prompt by a fellow blogger I have recently discovered - Usha Menonji

Being new to B-A-R, I just busied myself in submitting prompt-based posts. But when I read what others are writing, I realized my mistake. I seek apologies from all the previous bloggers who gave such great prompts to write on, and who I did not acknowledge in my blog posts. Do overlook this fault of mine. 

This world is a small place
A cozy nook 
Where love ought to flourish
But sadly it just perishes
As we all fight for space
Space built by ego
Fed by anger
and jealousy
We need a smile
And a hug
To break barriers
To come closer
But we know not how to bring that curve on our lips
We know not how to loosen up
We forget the magic of touch
We forego the magic of compassion
It is so hard to let go
We keep holding on to regrets
Nurturing hatred and indifference
Creating chasms where bridges ought to be
We pull down the curtains to let others out
Out of sight
Creating foggy visions
Straining stares
Frowning brows
Contriving in countless ways
To make an antagonistic world
Which is not small
But home to small thoughts and petty minds
A world of alienation
Of isolation
Of distances
A world full of small spaces.....


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  1. Beautiful poetry.. I reread it.. very beautiful words.

    1. Thanks Ls.....I am so happy you liked it.....

  2. Lovely :) Yes. We seem to forget tto stay positive and the negative space seems to make the world larger than it actually is.

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts Vinay.....I was expecting more comments on this one but didn't get much.....but you understood the point fairly.....

  3. Very well written Sunaina..the prompt is a nice one...when we do not close these small spaces, they gradually add up to become unbridgeable distances.

    1. Yes Somali, you worded my thoughts so well. I too loved the prompt a lot.

  4. Very true words, Sunaina.
    How tough is it to smile & bridge the distance...?

    1. Hey Anita.....I am so honored to have you visit my blog and also to have your precious comment. Thank you so much dear.

  5. The journey of the perspective of the world moves from being 'a small place' to a chaotic 'collection of small spaces' could not be worded better! The simplest gestures that have gone missing. It is simply beautiful.

    1. So finally I have you again Prateek. Who else but you could have paraphrased the whole poem so well. Thanks....:)

    2. Where there's Love, relations and closeness, there will be jealousy, ego, anger and selfishnes; no when can stay safe from them no matter how much they try. Everyone knows its not right, but if something is good then there will be bad too, if something is right then there will wrong too, and if there's white then there will be black ink too. Who knows how one can be saved from these..:(

    3. Yes Manisha, life is full of contradictions. But we need to make efforts to bring about the changes we want in this world.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Sayadpoet....welcome to my blog......:)