Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What is Potential But a Life full of Possibilities.....

Today's Wordy Wednesday Prompt has been given by Elly Stornebrink. She is a wonderful blogger and a lively person. It has been a pleasure to discover her through this platform of Blog-A-Rythm

For the word-prompt 'Potential', I am submitting my entry below.

Work hard
Believe in yourself
You can surmount mountains
You can overcome hurdles
You have the potential
To do what lies within your reach
You have the potential 
To do what remains outside your reach
After all,
What is potential
But a state of mind
That gives you the ability 
To achieve
To rise
You just have to trust -
Trust your inner voice
Prod yourself further
On the path that lies ahead
Look behind sometimes
At the footprints you leave
Learn from the places that have some muddled prints
They tell you where you faltered
They tell you that you tried
They tell you that you have lived
A life exploring your potential......

Sad is the state of those
Who trust not, try not
Sadder the state of those who stop and smother lives
Lives that had the potential to be lived
Lives that had the potential to bloom like fragrant flowers
Lives of little unborn girls
Who had the potential to do what any boy can presumably do
Lives of little aborted girls
Who might have surpassed all boys
If only their potential had not been killed
After all
What is potential
But a life full of possibilities
A heart that can beat
A mind that can think
A body that can breathe
In a soul that can believe
Many potentials don't see
The bright sun
The silver moon
The twinkling stars
The rain-laden clouds
The azure sky
The vast oceans
The verdant earth....
Many potentials don't hear
The music of life
The harmony of cool breeze
The rustling of leaves
The splashing of waves....
Many potentials don't bathe 
In the fragrance of Aurora
In the scents of blossoming flowers
In the balmy tender touch
Of motherly affection.....

Potential killed...
Killed by prejudice
Cries alone
In some corner....
Untouched, untapped
And yet sullied and stained
Irony of life.....

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  1. The first stanza is one that I could relate to and felt in my 20's (and possibly in my teens as well), until the reality of what you were referring to came to light. Oh how sad a state of affairs this is when such potential is killed even before the baby (girl) is born. Wonderfully written though: love your poetic style! :) <3 (And thanks by the way for tickling me with your sweet compliment.)

    1. Thanks Elly.....Had I left it at the first stanza, it would have been just a regular thought on the prompt.....so I pinned it to the next part in order to depict the irony of thoughts.....Thanks for leaving your feedback.

  2. That was very touching! A lot of important points on a very important topic...

    1. Thanks dear. I loved your write-up a lot.

  3. A mirror to the world. Thoroughly enjoyed this sad but, true insight.
    Good Work!

  4. That was a beautiful poem...the last stanza was very unexpected but I loved how you portrayed such an important issue.

    1. Thanks so much dear. I wanted to gradually build up on the ironies we live with....