Wednesday, February 3, 2016

She is a Woman

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She loves to elaborate
She is a woman
No monosyllables for her
She revels in details...
A smile might suffice some days
But she needs an extra something sometime
She is a woman.

Many have cursed her, branded her
She is a temptress, a seductress
She is the cause of Fall
The reason of Original Sin
What had she wanted?
Was she the only one who had wanted?
Why did they question only her?

On her head is the burden of sin
In her heart a throbbing pain
Pain of love
Pain that gives her grief and joy
She likes it
She knows not why
She is an enigma not just to others
but to herself too.
She is a woman.

She has fought many battles.
She still fights.
She fights for her dignity.
For her rights.
She fights to exist
She fights to live.
She has an infinite fountain of love within her
waiting to burst out
It lies restrained
Like energy that is within reach yet wasted
Only because it is unnoticed.
Let her open up.
Stop her not. 
Bind her not.
She is born to be free.
She is a woman.

In her dances Creation itself
In her sings Creativity
In her glows the spark of life
In her the serene ocean hides.
Let her flow
Let her fly
Let her....Let her...Let her....
She is a woman.

Written for B-A-R

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  1. One of the best poem on Womanhood, ever written. Of course, in my opinion :)

    1. Thanks Ravish....It certainly is not the best...:) But respect your opinion...:)

  2. A wonderful ode to Womanhood. May we flow and fly.

  3. A wonderful ode to Womanhood. May we flow and fly.

  4. What a beautiful, powerful and moving ode to all of us. Thanks for writing this, Sunaina. :)

  5. That is a poem for the strong woman, well written. More to the Girl power.

  6. The poem and picture celebrating womanhood are wonderful Sunaina.
    You have started with the apt question - Why should She be the cause of Fall or carry on her head the burden of Sin.
    In her glows the spark of life, In her the serene ocean hides. Loved these lines the most

    1. Those lines were my favorite too Somali...:)

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