Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Silver Love

A few days back while visiting Walmart, I chanced upon a very old couple. They must have been in late eighties. The pair looked elegant, exceptional, extraordinary. What made them seem so unique was their age and their closeness. In the times that we live, life is short and relationships even shorter. Perhaps that is the reason the couple stood out of the crowd. And I was reminded of a saying I had read earlier that " The most romantic love story isn't Romeo and Juliet who died together but Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together". Growing old is truly a privilege and growing old together....with your loved one, a rarity and a blessing. So here is my tribute to that lovely couple and to all those couples who stay together through thick and thin and hang around till their hair turn silver. After all, it is us who retire, and not love.

Outside the parking lot of a grocery store
A car takes rounds, one after the other
before it stops at the perfect parking spot...
I do not notice the make but the color is silver
The doors do not open at once
They take a few minutes...
Perhaps some important talk
Before they come into view
He steps out wearing suede boots
rich brown in color
the jacket is tan too
He does not go towards her side
She comes out on her own
Her feet wear easy pull-on boots
dark chocolate 
Her coat is crimson and her lips ruby red
Slowly she walks toward her man
The two silvery heads nod, the two stooping bodies hold hands
He pats on her shoulder
Slowly, very slowly they walk
He whispers something in her ears
She smiles and replies
He smiles back
Shriveled fingers clasped tightly
As if locked in eternal embrace
A rare picture of love these days
I keep looking at them 
The beauty of their love
the striking intimacy
the incredible living picture of 'till death do us part'
I wonder if there can be a better way to celebrate love
than to be like them
to be old and to be in love still
to be old and be next to each other still
after all those long years
after all the dreams accomplished
after all the goals reached
after all the tears shed
after all the smiles shared
to still be there for the other
living, loving forever.....


  1. Wow this post is so heart warming. I got that fuzzy feeling while reading about the old couple. Yes, those are true love stories, that stand the test of time.

  2. Very beautifully written indeed!
    काश ऐसा ही होता... ऐसा हो पाता!

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  4. So soothing, very beautifully written.