Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Funny Case of Santa's Tooth

It was a blistery cold night. It was a beautiful white night. There was snow on the doorstep, snow in the backyard, snow on the window panes, snow on the rooftop.....snow, snow snow.....just everywhere. It also happened to be the night when light from the Christmas trees adorned many houses - the night when all the kids in the world tossed in their beds...trying hard to keep their eyes open so they could meet Santa. 

Yes, it was Christmas night. 

One such boy turned right, turned left, sat up straight, bounced on the bed....waiting...waiting....waiting for the bells. He thought not about gifts, he thought not about presents. His mind pondered on something else.

How in the world will Santa come down this chimney? Santa is so....well.....round and the chimney looks so narrow, he wondered. He thought and he thought and the thought kept him awake in his bed. The clock struck twelve. It was midnight. Santa had not come. The boy rose from his bed and quietly climbed down the stairs. The Christmas tree looked bright and beautiful in the darkness. Santa's special cookies were still in the plate. 

He cannot come down this cramped path.....
No way...

Just then.....


The boy froze. Somebody had just come down the chimney. The figure wore red clothes, carried a bag, wore a red and white cap, had the whitest beard that shone in the dark, and the figure was.....OH.....ROUND!!!

"SANTA!!!," the boy gasped. " How in the world can you climb down this narrow chimney? How did you do that?", he exclaimed

"SHHH.....," Santa jumped in surprise. He removed the soot from his rob, tightened his belly and said, " Ho, ho, ho...it's easy for someone of a fit stature like me."

The two stood quiet, staring at each other, neither one blinking their eye. Then Santa's gaze fell on the cookies. How delicious, tempting and crispy they looked...round just like him, with chocolate chips and sprinkles, and icing and  sugar crystals...

"Ummm....how divine...", Santa muttered and slowly headed toward the table.

The soft cottony hands reached the table, fingers twitching to grasp the cookies but just then,

"Ouch....", cried Santa, putting his hand on his cheek.

"What happened Santa?", the little boy exclaimed, having been silent all the time.

"Oooooh....my tooth....it hurts."

"Didn't you brush your teeth?"

"I did, but I ate so many cookies tonight. My mom told me to watch what I was eating. I should have listened to her."

"Your Mommy," the boy laughed. The thought was hilarious to him.

"Yes...my mommy. She loves me so much but she is very strict. I look like her but her hair are much whiter"

"WHAT!!!", the boy rolled in laughter.

"Nick, what is happening? Go to bed", a voice came from inside.

Santa jumped and the little boy jumped too.

"My mommy is here...I should go...She will scold me for not brushing my teeth...I better go....", Santa wobbled as he tried to climb back the chimney.

"Wait....that's my mom....My name is Nick....Your name is Nick too?"

"Oh...is it.....Oh....Okay.....My mom calls me old Nick.....Everyone else calls me Nicholas or Santa." Santa heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ouch...my tooth."

Nick rushed to the bathroom and brought a new toothbrush. 

"Here....Go brush....And remember to floss after that," Nick pulled Santa's cloak and directed him to the restroom. 

"Can I taste just one cookie first?", Santa pleaded.

"No", Nick replied firmly.

"Please....pretty please...please......", Santa insisted.

"I will count till five and if you have not gone to brush by that time, I will call my mommy and....", answered Nick.

Santa leapt up from the sofa, sprang towards the bathroom and shut the door. After some gurgling, and some sputtering, the door opened. Santa emerged....happy and cheerful. The sunny face sparkled and the eyes fell straight on the cookies. Eager steps trotted towards the cookie plate and yearning fingers grabbed the savory delights, munching them ...one, two, three....all gone.

"Do you have some more.....please?", Santa asked Nick.

"Watch what you eat Santa....remember what Mommy said," reminded Nick." And always brush your teeth, okay?"

Santa smiled timidly. " You are a good boy Nick." Santa put some present for the little boy near the Christmas tree.

"Ho, ho, ho....away I go....."

"Wait.....Take your brush Santa."

Santa took the brush and tried to put it in his pocket. He struggled and struggled and a whole bunch of cookies fell out of the pockets.

"Santa.....you have to be nice.....," squealed little Nick.

Santa smiled sheepishly. He hugged Nick and disappeared.

The next morning Nick excitedly told his mommy about Santa. 

"You must have been dreaming Nick. Santa always brushes his teeth. Now you go and brush yours," said Mommy.

Nick smiled. What would mommy say when she would find out that the new toothbrush was missing? Just then he saw a new toothbrush hanging on the tree. Nick smiled. Santa meant to keep this a secret. And a secret it would be, thought Nick. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sad Day in the history of Humanity - Demons slay innocent children today - Where is God?

Today again I wonder if there is God......even if there is a remote possibility of his existence, then why does he let all this happen.....There are only humans and human-demons.....and unfortunately, the human-demons are more powerful than the humans.....It is such a sad day today for the entire humanity.....let terror be gone.....Leaders of the world.....forget votes and vote-banks, forget heaven and hell, forget politics and posts, forget money and riches.....get up and unite.....unite against the beasts who are wrecking hell on peace-loving people....take action against those monsters who are busy brain-washing people in the name of religion and discrimination.....my heart goes out to those parents who have lost the light of their lives.....my heart grieves for those innocent children who went through this horror.....whose lives ended in such violent manner....they did not deserve this.....Stop the violence, leaders...Stop it now.....


कितने आंसू उमड़े आज,
कितने आँगन उजड़े आज,
जो तालीम का घर था कल तक 
वो मातम की तस्वीर है आज 

बच्चों के वापस आने का कल तक रस्ता  तकती थीं ,
उन आँखों में सूनापन है, गुम  आँखों मे  गम है आज 

नेता दुःख जतलाते हैं और ख़बरें खौफ दिखाती हैं ,
खाली  लफ्ज़ और खाली  वादे फिर से बोले जाते आज 

बेगैरत आतंकी हमला करके मौज मनाते हैं 
नेता दीमक की दीवार बनाकर जान छुड़ाते हैं 
हिंसा और हथियार ही जीवन का आधार बनी  हैं आज 
गांधी और मार्टिन लूथर को दुनिया भूल गयी है आज 

एक देश का नहीं यह मुद्दा  यह मसला हम  सब का है 
इक कोने मे  पड़ी सिसकती मानवता हमे पुकारे आज 

कब रुख बदलेगा दुनिया का कब ज़मीर सब जागेंगे 
किस्से बन जाएंगे वो खुद जो किस्से लिखते हैं आज 

जब कलिंग  का युद्ध हुआ था कितना कुछ तब खोया था 
जीत के भी जब जीत ना पाया तब अशोक भी रोया था 
तब पकड़ी थी राह नई  और नई दिशा पे चला था वो 
उस किस्से की सीख को समझो और उस सीख को थामो आज 

अब कुछ तेरा कल कुछ मेरा नफरत सब ले जाएगी 
सूना आँगन खाली  दामन बस वीराना लाएगी 
उठो जला दो उस नफरत को जो सीने मे  जलती है 
गर्म  खून की गर्मी से पत्थर दिल को पिघला दो आज 

ख़त्म करो ये बेरहमी, ये बेदर्दी और दुख का खेल 
ख़त्म करो ये  तेरा-मेरा, ये छीना-झपटी की रेल  
ख़त्म करो अब इस दहशत को कोई गुल और ना मुरझाए 
काले इतिहास की स्याही से अब नए इतिहास को रच दो आज

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Pain remains
nagging, poking, biting pain
pain remains...

After countless day breaks and sunsets
after months and years' ends
after new beginnings begin
pain remains....

After new friends are made
after old friends are gone
after broken relations are mended
pain remains....

After all apologies are given 
after all resentments are forgotten
pain remains....

After the frolic and laughter
after the cheer and chatter
pain remains....

After all books are read
after all poems are memorized
pain remains....

After new words are written 
after new promises are made
pain remains....

After kind words are said
after soothing touches are felt
pain remains....

After new journeys are taken
after new destinations are reached
pain remains....

After all prayers are said
after all questions are asked
after all unanswered questions
pain remains....

After all rituals are done
after all farewells completed
after the final goodbyes
pain remains....

hurting stinging, stabbing pain
Pain remains......

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Transient Joys

Bubbles rising in the air
beautifying the mighty sky
rising and popping,
sprinkling delightful droplets
here and there....

Running after the balloon 
that accidentally slipped away from your fingers
and floats away with wind
soaring high, way beyond our reach....

Watching the solitary cloud which
like cotton ball is carried away by the wind
nudging, touching, overlapping another loner.....

Rejoicing at the sight of the vibrant rainbow
adorning the roof of the earth
filling us with desire to reach it and touch it.....

Budding architects building sandcastles on the beach shore
then watching the little splendors soak and melt in the waves
finding sea shells big and small
and collecting them all.....

Gazing at ripples in the ocean
gentle stirs created by pebbles thrown
on some lazy summer afternoon.....

Painting the sidewalks with colorful chalks
painting the sidewalks with water which dries up before the painting is done
doing it over and over again 
yelling and squealing as the water disappears.....

Watching the changing colors of the leaves
lying on the bed of fallen leaves
stepping on the rustling leaves......

Admiring the giant and puny pumpkins decorating the houses
then catching glimpses of squirrels munching on them 
in your balcony
as they get ready to hibernate......

Fragile snowflakes descending from above
kissing the ground
tickling cold the hands stretched out to catch them.....

Making snowman and throwing snowballs 
squishing the snow with bare hands
feeling the freeze and the numbness......

Transient Joys
Impressions Infinite.....