Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Transient Joys

Bubbles rising in the air
beautifying the mighty sky
rising and popping,
sprinkling delightful droplets
here and there....

Running after the balloon 
that accidentally slipped away from your fingers
and floats away with wind
soaring high, way beyond our reach....

Watching the solitary cloud which
like cotton ball is carried away by the wind
nudging, touching, overlapping another loner.....

Rejoicing at the sight of the vibrant rainbow
adorning the roof of the earth
filling us with desire to reach it and touch it.....

Budding architects building sandcastles on the beach shore
then watching the little splendors soak and melt in the waves
finding sea shells big and small
and collecting them all.....

Gazing at ripples in the ocean
gentle stirs created by pebbles thrown
on some lazy summer afternoon.....

Painting the sidewalks with colorful chalks
painting the sidewalks with water which dries up before the painting is done
doing it over and over again 
yelling and squealing as the water disappears.....

Watching the changing colors of the leaves
lying on the bed of fallen leaves
stepping on the rustling leaves......

Admiring the giant and puny pumpkins decorating the houses
then catching glimpses of squirrels munching on them 
in your balcony
as they get ready to hibernate......

Fragile snowflakes descending from above
kissing the ground
tickling cold the hands stretched out to catch them.....

Making snowman and throwing snowballs 
squishing the snow with bare hands
feeling the freeze and the numbness......

Transient Joys
Impressions Infinite.....

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