Thursday, May 28, 2015

Silly Stillies

Kids on adults taking selfies

‘They are so selfish, these adults, don’t you think,' cribbed the tiny tomato.
‘You bet, said his friend’, another teeny-tiny tomato
‘All they care for is these silly selfies.’
‘I know. Silly stillies! Look how they fake that smile.’
‘They don’t know how to put on a nice and big smile like we do.’
‘I wonder what makes them so happy.’
‘I just overheard what they said about us.’
‘They think we are a nuisance in these selfies. Oh my goodness. Isn’t that a crime? We little ones bring so much peppiness in their dull drab dramatic world!!’
‘Let us ruin it. Tug along. They won’t buy us a toy anyways. Let us be the Selfie-Spoliers.’

Moms on kids spoiling selfies

‘Can you not just play with your friends? We arranged play-dates just for you,' says one mom.
‘Uff….They will never mend their ways. Look how they push and crib,' says another.
‘They won’t come in the pic anyway.’
‘Why are you peeping? Stand aside. We will take you pics later.’
‘No, they are not listening. Ahh….they came in the last click.’
‘Take one more.’
‘Ready. Don’t make a silly face kids. Put on a nice smile. Don’t you know how to pose for a picture properly?’
‘Stop playing. Stand. Rather sit. They will be in the corners.’
‘Look. We look great, don’t we?!’
‘Look at the kids. Wish they had posed nicely.’
‘We can edit it. Crop will do.’
‘Let’s take one more selfie. No kids this time.’

Kids are listening. They still tug along.


Wordy Wednesday Picture Prompt


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    1. Thanks Archana....I am glad I made you smile...:) This actually happens with us as everyone in our group had kids....and the selfie fever has taken over everyone....

  2. The national (or let's say worldwide) obsession with selfies is increasing by the day. Nice take on selfies Sunaina.

    1. You are right Somali...That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw two tiny tomatoes with the big ones.....:)....

  3. What a creative post!! Loved your story. It is so apt. Wonderful!!

  4. Very creative. And yes, they did put the kids in the corner

  5. haha..looks like selfies created selfish thoughts. Good one!

  6. LOL :D A selfie story from two different angles. How imaginative! Loved it.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Sir. It is an honor to have you come and comment on my blog.

  8. Interesting! The selfie obsession has spared none:d

    1. Thanks Sarah..and yes you are right...that is the reason I took it up through this prompt....:)