Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vladimir : "Yes, yes, we're magicians."

Day 3 of the challenge in which I was tagged by Lata

Today I am reminded of Beckett and his powerful play Waiting for Godot. I remember reading it many years back when I was studying literature. It was a play that would bewilder me at times as it was open to multiple layers of interpretation. Till today I cannot forget it. It is an absurdist play, a satire on the kind of lives we live by repeating certain acts in a Sisyphean manner. The following lines aptly justify certain acts of ours which we do only to fulfill a void in our lives. These acts give an illusion of a meaningful existence and yet in the end, all we do is 'wait' for 'Godot' who never arrives. In doing this, we become what Vladimir calls "magicians".

Estragon: We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist?

Vladimir: Yes, yes, we're magicians.”
― Samuel BeckettWaiting for Godot

Do share your thoughts on the quote, or the play if you have read.

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  1. Never heard of this play or these lines and out of the loop re. the tag "I'm it!" ;) Maybe I'm a magician?! ;) However, I did see a man today do 'magic' with his ball or magic ball as it seemed, remarking this to a work colleague as we were strolling through a mini-festival near our workplace after work. Wish I had taken a picture to demonstrate what he did! ;) <3

    1. Read it Elly, read it. You will never be able to forget it in your life. Take my word for it.

  2. p.s. The best or closest I can come up with is this - not the same - but magical like this: ...and next time I'll get the guy's business card so I can google it and send you the video of him doing his magic! ;) <3

  3. I see you have already completed the challenge. :)
    I joined the challenge a little late.
    I hope you won't mind but I have nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge at Emotions Xpressed

    1. Hey Salvwi.....thanks for nominating me dear...its good to be recognized by fellow bloggers, isn't is?