Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Love that hurts....

This post is in response to the Blog-a-rhythm prompt It hurts no more provided by Rajlakshmi who blogs here.

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No, there is no storm outside....No winds have wrecked their fury on the mighty trees or the tiny plants of my garden. They stand there, blooming, swaying gently. But something broke last night. 

What was it? 
Oh, yes of course - my heart. 

Did you hear the smashing, shattering noise that came from inside? 
I doubt you did. 

You came as you always do. You were confident in your gait, assertive in your demeanor. 
You always thought I would never find out.

But I did.
I discovered the mark of your infidelity.

You denied.
I cried.

You blamed me for making it so difficult. We were never meant to be together.

What about all those past years spent together?
Five long years - tedious, cheating years!

If only you had eyes to said.

So that was my mistake too?
Yes, you cling like a creeper. You always do. I tried to break free.

I thought it was love....that kept us together....
Why that sneer?

Oh so there was no love....
Then I guess we should part....

It hurts no more
To see you go away....

You were never mine...
I shut the door as you walk out...

Walk out of my life, my heart
My bleeding, weeping heart

You think It hurts no more
It hurts even more....and more....and more....

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  1. Beautifully written .. n hey can i tel u a secret real name is Sunaina :)
    Ananya is my Pen name !

    Ananya Fashions and More

    1. Is that so Ananya....I mean Sunaina.....:).....

  2. What was it?
    Oh, yes of course - my heart. .......
    very poignant

    1. Thanks Haddock....welcome to my blog....keep visiting......:)

  3. Intense! So beautifully written, Sunaina.

  4. Good to leave a bad relationship than to suffer silently. But it's really painful. Nicely expressed Suniana.