Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All that she wanted was.....

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was fascinated by the world of words. She wondered how people write so nicely. A poem was enough to mesmerize her, a word was sometimes enough to melt her. A good thought, a good book left her enchanted. For many years she sat, she read, she wondered....

One day, as she took a trip down the memory lane, she felt a sharp urge to pen down what she thought. And some magic happened. No, she did not turn into a prodigy. She just discovered a great sense of satisfaction. She shared her thoughts with some friends who congratulated her on the new journey she had undertaken.

She was happy. She kept committing herself to paper...er....blog. The passion to write was followed by a deep necessity of an audience. Of course, there were friends. But how does she reach out to a bigger circle?

She hunted other blogs. She saw almost everyone having a whopping following, varying within the range of anywhere between 100 and 500, and in some cases, even more...!!!!!

There were bloggers flaunting awards and badges, blogs teeming with comments which proved they were being revered....

PHEW! I need followers on my blog, she thought.  So, she requested friends to 'follow' her, to 'share' her posts. They all promised. A handful actually did what she had requested. She did not ask why. Everyone sure would have a good reason, she thought.

Then there was a long spell of inaction - no, not from her side. It was from the side of her audience. She was confused.

She needed, really...., badly needed something very cardinal, very essential. She needed a good number of ....well......EARS!

Anybody there....?

She wanted people to hear her. She wanted them to hear her so that she could talk to them. She wanted them to hear her in order to get the conversation started.

She looked around. She started hunting again. She held a thorough inquiry, an intense rummaging of random blogs.

The forage led her to a blog where she read....Find me here at blogadda.com and here at indiblogger.in.

Mouth wide open, eyes popped out,  fingers typed hurriedly and she registered at both the sites. The first one responded promptly. The second one took longer than a week which made her send a query mail. The reply came with blog approval.

Once registered, she started posting. Within a week, she found lots and lots of .....you-know-what....EARS.

She is happy now.

She wants to thank blogadda.com and indiblogger.in sincerely.

She thanks in earnest the bloggers who have added her to their network. She is grateful to the fellow-writers who have spared the time to hear her. She is thankful to all those who will add her, read her, hear her in future.

(Like my posts. I feel good. Leave me a comment. I feel great!)

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  1. Yes Indiblogger has been a savior for many bloggers. I was smiling while reading your post.

  2. A wonderful post. This is so true :-) :-)