Sunday, March 22, 2015

It hits on me....

It lures me, it beckons me
It is the edge of the world
No, it does not promise me a pot of gold
Or eternal youth or unspeckled beauty
No, it does not warrant long-lasting riches or enduring health....
It hits on me with something else....
It creates images of faces I want to see
Of my Dad and my brother holding hands
It makes me hear sounds I want to hear 
Of their cheerful laughter and their hearty voices
It tempts me with the touch I want to feel
Of their warm hands and comforting clasps
It gives me a glimpse of the glee that is lost....
Should I reach out and touch those hands?
I wonder.....
I can't.....
Bells chime in the room
Sending waves of familiar sounds to my ears...
Mom waits for my call, 
Yearns to see me, hear me, hug me....
How can I go to the edge of the world
when I have so many things left undone here?
So many songs unsung?
So many smiles to spread?
So many tears to wipe?
So many little hands to hold and guide
to the path of life?
So many words of encouragement to write?
So many books of wisdom to read?
How can I go to the edge of the world
that sends visions of mirth and joy
when so many weeping hearts on this earth
are waiting to hear some strains of hope
I have work to do, loads of work to do
The edge of the world will have to wait....
For some other day, some other time.....
But it will be in me as long as I am,
In lonely thoughts
In solitary rooms
To give me a shoulder to lean on
To give me hope
To let me dream
Of those who can't be here anymore.....

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  1. A great take on the prompt! Truly wow!

    1. Oh thank you so much for your encouraging words vyomi.....

  2. This is so realistic and practical, but of course nothing beats the joy of dreams and fantasies. Very well worded Sunaina!

    Congrats on the WOW Badge ;) Keep em coming!

    1. thanks Bala.....True, our imagination gives us great strength. But we need to strike a fine balance between our dreams and reality to keep going...:)