Monday, April 20, 2015

'Beautiful Minds Inspire Others' - How two teachers are helping others to become achievers

When I was little, my mom always used to encourage me to become a teacher. She herself had devoted most of her life to teaching. And she had the knack of reaching even the most impenetrable minds. She always used to say that explanations should be very simple. Use words to simplify things, Vocabulary is a great tool only if it clears the mind and dispels doubts. She is my mentor to this very day. And I respect her and the very profession of teaching because of all that she taught and because of all the wonderful teachers I met in the journey of my life.

One such teacher whose aim has been to impart knowledge that is easy to comprehend is  Kamlesh Zapadiya. Hailing from Rajkot, Gujarat, this young man wanted to impart the element of joy to learning. Like a true teacher, he must have known that in order to make learning memorable and ever-lasting, it is imperative to make it enjoyable. He developed a quiz format and is said to have achieved the mammoth task of formatting the entire syllabus in quiz module. It has been recognized by IIM, Ahmedabad. He believed in a more interactive approach to studies. If one keeps on cramming the subjects, learning becomes very tedious. To make it lively, one needs to become involved. This involvement is brought about by interrogation. And hence the quiz arrangement. There are very few people who take an extra step. Very few teachers are true educators like him.

It is said that 'Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity'
Kamlesh Zapadiya enlightens minds and enriches humanity by setting an example.

Kamlesh's feat is worth appreciation. Coming from a village that has no electricity, this man has also managed to create his own website ( to share the knowledge he has with the world. After all what is the use of learning if you cannot help others learn. It is like sitting in a temple but not being able to pray to God. Making knowledge accessible to all so that the basic right of education is achieved by all is still a dream is the developing India. But where there is dream, there are achievers. Kamlesh Zapadiya is one such achiever.

It is said that 'Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges'. Good teachers teach not just how to read and write. They teach important life lessons too. They help us prepare for life. One such man who is making impressions in young minds is Rufus Sir.

A Coach with positive approach to life - Sir Rufus

Rufus D'Souza is a football coach in Kochi. He is not just an octogenarian whiling away his days in a lounge chair. He is an 84 year old guide who teaches young boys not just how to kick the ball. He instills in his pupils a love of some cardinal values. He teaches them to be punctual, to uphold discipline as a key to all success, and to cherish fair-play. These principles are not meant only for the football field. They are ethics that guide one's life and make his students better individuals. 

Rufus Sir is inspiration incarnate. At his age, he teaches the mantras of fitness of body and mind. He is relentless when it comes to his values. No late-comers are entertained. After all, one who does not value time does not value life. Punctuality makes a person more dependable and trustworthy. 

Sports itself is a great teacher. And coupled with a guide like Rufus D'Souza, it becomes an invaluable experience that can never let the pupil go astray.

Salute to Rufus Sir!

The two mentors I have briefly written about are real motivators. They are selfless yet strong. They channelize energies towards creativity. If one ignites sparks of soundness through sports, the other opens avenues of stress-free study that liberates the mind and helps it think. 

How many of us have the skill or will to do what they are doing? Not many! And still, as always, teachers are not given the recognition or the merit they deserve. They always remain at the edge, at the periphery. They make us human and we forget them. It is time we give them the respect and the credit they deserve. It is the least that we can do.

For when the One Great Scorer comes
To write against your name
He marks not that you won or lost
But how you played the game
                                               (lines by Gartland Rice)

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  1. Love reading your post. Love the quote sitting in the temple but not able to pray to God. Thanks for sharing about the wonderful people.

  2. thanks Sri....Some people are such an inspiration to others....