Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Smile - It makes life beautiful...

Today is All Fool's Day. Playing pranks on each other, making up silly jokes, creating hoaxes - these are all part of this day's tradition which has its roots in France. April Fool's day is a day to smile, to laugh, to act silly. So for this day, I thought of sharing with you 5 quotes on Smile that will make your day. We do not need a reason to smile, but in today's world where people are being overburdened by depressive thoughts, it is imperative to remind them to wear that priceless ornament on their faces.

Act goofy today, and smile! Life is too precious to be wasted away in worries.....

 1) A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.- Denis Waitley

How do you feel when you are caught in the middle of a snarling traffic congestion? It seems like it will drive you crazy. You look around, fretting. A fellow driver in the car next to yours looks at you and despite the maddening atmosphere, gives you a smile which seems to say, 'Hey bro, we are sailing in the same ship'. That smile is infectious. You smile back. You forget the annoying honk of horns. You just relax, if only for a second. What did that smile do to you? It made you feel that you are not alone. Do you need any more reason to spread happiness today?

2) Wear a smile and have friends. Wear a scowl and have wrinkles - George Eliot

So, wear your brightest most cheerful look everyday. People like to be surrounded by those who give positive vibes. They feel that they are welcome when you show off your happy face. And your fan-list and popularity multiplies. When you spread cheer, you are never alone. Your face is your mirror. When you grow old, the lines on your face will show how much you smiled, how much you frowned. 

3) Use your smile to change the world; don’t let the world change your smile. - Anonymous

Things don't seem to be working your way. You crib, complain, criticize. The culture of abuse gets better of you but at the end of the day, you feel completely wasted. That is what happens with negative thoughts. Nothing has changed except you yourself who has become a sulking talker. Try to change this today. Remember the movie Lage Raho Munna Bhai. What does Munna say to the guy who is pissed off with the spitting behavior of his neighbor. Give him a smile and make him realize what he is doing. Change the world with your smile. 

चाक़ू ना पिस्तौल ना खंजर ना कोई तलवार रे 
इक मुस्कान की देखो ताकत अपना नया हथियार रे 
(Lines from the background music that plays in Lage Raho Munna Bhai during this scene.)

4)If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give.
Author Unknown

So true! If someone has forgotten to smile, how lost is his/her soul. We ought to help him. Imagine a situation when you are feeling lonely. Would you not appreciate a kind word, a gentle touch, a caring smile. How utterly devastated would you feel if there was no one to love you, or cheer you up.
I remember my grandmother used to say - If you don't sew torn clothes and if you don't cheer up someone who is angry with you, then life can't go on smoothly. (She used to say this in Hindi - फटे को सीओ ना और रूठे को मनाओ ना , तो काम नहीं चलता 
So, go ahead. Let the sulking person complain. Your job is to drop a smile. 

5) If you are not using your smile, you are like the man with the million dollars in the bank and no checkbook - Les Giblin

What use is a thing if you own it but don't know what to do with it? A few days back I wrote a short story in which people did not know how to smile. A small insignificant thing was enough to mend the course of their lives. (You can read the story here -
But often times, people get so worked up with their work, their ambitions, their dreams that they forget to appreciate what they have. They forget to value the present moment - the only thing that they have in their hand. Please don't do that injustice to yourself. Live every moment. Who knows what the next moment might bring. So smile when you can. You don't need a huge bank balance to make you smile. You only need a beating heart. So go. Brace yourself with a smile. The whole world is yours.

Hope you have a smiling day and a happy life. Remember, we all have ups and downs. When times are tough, tell yourself – This too shall pass!

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