Thursday, April 9, 2015

Without Google....

Written for IndiSpire #60

If there was no google

knowledge would be frugal
In place of googlization
We might have had yahoo-ization
Mind would have to work somemore
As Google Maps would be no more
Without Larry's Doodle
Some strokes would remain just feudal
No Adwords, keywords, PageRank
Competing would be on a different think tank
No satellite imagery from Google Earth
Would cause a visual and intellectual dearth
For me on a personal front
Without hangouts, socializing from afar would stunt
For the mother inside me
It would mean more visits to the library
For only yesterday my son asked me whether
Sun is bigger or Jupiter
When I said I am not sure
He asked me to google to find out more
And when my little one incessantly cries
Youtube is my son's advise
So google is in my life everyday
Without google, ease of life would fade away....

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  1. I am working towards a Google-less life. Thanks to the so many prying eyes that gather too much of personal data, I am following this:

    OS : Windows and OS X
    Search Engine : Bing
    Social network : facebook
    Browser : Firefox
    Email : Outlook
    Maps : Waze

    This way, atleast I can have this feeling that I am not giving away all my data to a single company.

    1. good alternatives post was just a light take on the topic

  2. Nice poetical Expressions of Today's World without Google! Well said....

    1. thanks Mr. write so well....i have been visiting your blog lately...

  3. It was fun reading this poem ... loved the rhymes :-D

  4. Google should pay you for using their Services so often :)

    Nevertheless, good one on how Google has transformed our lives.