Friday, April 17, 2015


I wait and wait
For him to emerge
But he deceives
He kills all hopes
He turns up not
Just like Godot
Still I refrain 
from despair
Still I pray
Still I persevere
The white coat comes out
Shakes his head
There is not much time left
We go inside
Out of the waiting room
But the wait doesn't end
He speaks not to me
He looks not at me
I wait
I am just his little girl
He had been my hero
He still is
I stroke his forehead
I know he is leaving
The wait is over
His wait is over
He is free from pain
Not me, never
I yearn for my him
It seems like yesterday
When I had touched him, hugged him,
Felt him so close
But it is eight years now
I halt in his memories
But then someone else knocks
On the door of my heart
My entire childhood beckons at once
I call him
Speak to him
He says he is fine
But I know he is not
He sounds so distant
Once again I hope
I wait
I refrain from despair
But hope deceives again
I wait for a call
To hear all is well
But I hear not those words
I hear what I do not want to hear
I cannot see him now
I cannot hear him now
Life has become a waiting game
I cannot accept he is not here
He cannot leave
He should have waited
at least for me
I toss in the bed
Each night
For my  only brother
To meet me in my dreams
He does not come
It has been two years
But I still wait
To see him once
To hear him once
He left just like that
It angers me
I want to fight with him
Just like we did when we were little
I wait
I wait
I wait.....

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  1. Beautiful words and more beautiful emotion.

    1. thanks lata.....i see more pain here than anywhere else....

  2. Superb flow of words...well weaved. Great entry for a WoW,

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  4. Sunaina wish this was just the poem....

    1. true sneha......sometimes i feel the need to vent it all out....the hurts so much.....but can never get rid of it.....