Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Disobedient Wife...

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It is a sad reality in many places in India that a girl child is not given the right to live. Seen as a burden, many opt for illegal sex determination of the fetus and then secretly kill their unborn daughters. There are times when women are complicitous with men in this regard, and there are times when the wife's please remain unheard. Keeping this scenario in my mind, I have written my six word story :

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Disobedient Wife - Girl Child was born......

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  1. A very powerful six word story. Kudos, Sunaina :)

  2. To express a story i six words...Well done.

  3. This disobedience is better. Powerful words Sunaina

  4. Rightful message spread across. I wrote something on similar ground one year back when you get time visit.

  5. oh that is sad ..

    but TOday is a beautiful day my best friend here has been blessed with a baby daughter and we are meeting in a couple of hours time to PARTY :)


    1. Congrats......blessings to the little angel.....:).....and don't feel sad....As long as wives are 'disobedient', more girls will see the light of the day...