Friday, July 22, 2016

किस्सा गाड़ी का

Math में था मैं थोड़ा weak
बस सौ तक गिनती आती थी 
पर competition था गाड़ी  का 
तो सौ से भी गिनती पार करी 

रातों को सपने आते थे 
टाटा की गाड़ी में बैठा 
मैं लम्बी सैर पे जाता था 
पर हाय री किस्मत धोखेबाज़ 
जब नींद से मेरी आँख खुली 
टाटा गाड़ी टा टा करके 
पतली गली से जा निकली 

हाथों में मेरे voucher है 
और दिल में मेरे है  anger 
quality post के चक्कर में
 हुई गाड़ी मेरी रफूचक्कर  

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This is a funny take on the present discussions going on in the forum of IB for Tata Tiago Marathon. Whatever the result is going to be, I feel many will have a heart-break. The reason is obvious - bloggers blogged crazily as is evident in the mammoth number of posts submitted and approved. But there are only two cars in question. Yes, there are vouchers but the grand prize is just for two. So, it is a no-brainer that tempers will run high. The results have also not been declared, which is another cause for growing restlessness among participants. This poem is only to make matters light. I do not intend to take anyone's sides here. I can understand the hard-work of those who participated and I can also see the difficult task of choosing the best among so many.

Whatever happens, dear bloggers, just stay happy. And keep blogging....

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  1. Ha ..ha..loved his spoof..this is an absolute winner!!!