Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dutiful Daughter

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Red lanterns -
filial daughter

This Haiku is based on the legend of Yuan Xiao, a maid who worked for the emperor during the Han dynasty. She was sad as she had never had a chance to meet her parents as she was busy performing her duties. A man heard her crying and decided to help her. He set up a prophecy booth and told everyone that a fairy was coming from heavens to set a fire. Everyone in the city came to see this. The girl Yuan pretended to be that fairy and told the emperor that the entire city would be set ablaze. The emperor asked the man how to avert this and the man suggested that everyone make beautiful red lanterns and decorate the city. All the people came to see the spectacle on that special day, including Yuan's parents, who was only too happy to be reunited.

Filial Piety is a very important part of Chinese culture. I wrote briefly on the topic a few months back. To read that post, click on the link below:
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