Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Festival

He stops not for a second - yes,  not even for a second. Lines grow longer, time runs faster, and he goes on. A mermaid is born to delight a little fancy. A bike revs up to win the race. A Minnie decides to sprinkle smiles on a princess. There is not one but many spider-men there - to save the world, just in case. A sun-flower blossoms delightfully as it is tickled by the touch of tiny fingers. Who can ignore the ready-to-quack ducklings as they waddle in petite arms. And who can remain unstirred as the little turtle gets ready to splash and send ripples of laughter all around. Oh there is so much magic going on....! I fail to take pictures - mesmerized I stand, as if hallucinated, as if under some spell, as if I have imagined my own world of fancy.

How does he do it? With such passion, and precision. His fingers ache not. He inflates, he pops, he cuts, he twists, he rolls around, he wraps, he snaps, he gives. What does he get? So many claps, so many smiles, so many screams of delightful surprise. If only everyone was so earnestly industrious like him!

In case you are still wondering who he is, he is the Balloon Man - cannot have any other name for him. That's what he is - an artist whose medium is air and balloon, that's it. 

There are pumpkins scattered everywhere in the farm, reminding us of Jack-o-lanterns. It is that time of the year again. I wonder if the Twister has any plans for the spooky day too. He must have, I am sure. Some creepy airy beings who will boo us unaware! Some chilly creatures who will swing above our head and fill us with dread and awe! 


Image Source here

Image Source here

On a trip to the Von Thun Farms in Monmouth Junction, NJ, I came across this great artist. My words have hardly done justice to the talent of Mr. Jason Secoda. A dedicated artist, he went on making one balloon art after another. Kids were losing patience as they wanted to grab the flawless creations Mr. Secoda made. And yet, he went on calmly, talking a bit about this, and a bit about that, modestly thanking us to have waited. I was amazed by his speed and precision. He faltered not a bit, and gave in his 100% to each and every art he created. Hats off to you Sir. I hope more and more people see your talent and I hope your talent gets due appreciation wherever you go.

Check out the Facebook Page of Mr. Secoda Airheads Entertainment !


  1. Happy halloween ..

    and I loved that balloon figure :)


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