Sunday, October 18, 2015

He Drove All Night....

He drove all night
Wondering in the stormy weather
How silent would be the wife's anger
How stern would be his mother's temper
Thoughts like those might have slowed him down
But he went on......
For one more person waiting at home
Whose smile was true
Whose anger was cute
Who waited not for the gifts he would bring
But for the warmth and the love that would spring
From his eyes and his hugs....

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He drove all night
Fearing she might have slept by now
But he drove and he drove
To reach to her fast....
Gifts tumbled, dolls rolled
In the backseat....
Speedy highways posed a safety threat
With mile-long trucks in the side-lanes
Rains made it tougher
Winds made it harder -
Sleep tried to ensnare
But he fell not in its trap...
He cared not...
He had only one thought
To reach to her fast
So he drove all night...

He could see his house from a distance now
He could see all lights switched off
The darkness of the inside
Told him he had been late...
So he reached the doorstep quietly
And unlocked the entrance door
He put the gifts aside and sat down on the floor
He wanted to relax
But he knew that he had missed it
But work was demanding, deadlines inflexible
How would he explain it all to her?
How would he tell her he drove all night
But still couldn't make it in time?

Lost in thoughts, feeling quite blue
A touch startled her...
He looked up and saw those beautiful eyes
Happy to see her Papa come home
She hugged her as he lifted her up
And not a word passed between the two
Love has its way to send across the message
Nothing else was needed....

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The prompt He Drove All Night made me feel very nostalgic. I remembered the times my father would travel in the night to come home. There were times when work kept him busy and he was late. It was always a delight and a relief to see him reach safely.What else would a daughter want? As I write this poem, I miss him badly. He is gone so far that there is no return from there. But his laughter and his happy spirit touch my heart always making me feel he is close. This poem is for him, and for all the loving fathers in the world. 

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  2. Very Interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very Interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Sunaina, your post touched my heart as I see the bonding between my daughter and my husband in your lines. Beautiful. Here is the post from another dad.

    1. Yes Sarah,.....I read that post and that too reminded me of my dad.....:)

  5. Awesome Sunaina.. we both took the same theme

    1. Yes Tiger....coincidence.....dads are awesome.....aren't they...?

  6. I loved every bit of it... a bit cautiously though... as I was a bit worried that it could have a sad surprise at the end ... that would have been a bit sad!

    1. Can well understand that feeling....I read most of the entries by other bloggers with the same feeling....:)

  7. I am sure he is watching over you always mam..

    loved the poem .. I think I am like that I am not at peace till i reach home ..


    1. Thanks Bikram....we all live like that....with that teeny tiny feeling.....hoping to reach home safely.....