Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Missing Smiles.....!!!

This matter is no small potato. This isn't even something that will turn you into a couch potato as you will be running away from grabbing hands. If you have it, no one can throw you out like a hot potato since everyone will want a bite....ahem.....I mean a mouthful! In case you are wondering what this potato talk is all about, well put on your thinking caps on your potato, I mean head, and head straight to the kitchen for some delightfully deliciously yummy snack....Smiles.....Yes yes, I mean business. This is just meat and potatoes talk now - no beating about the bush. We grab McCain's SMILES!!!!

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I have used so many idioms related to potatoes in the above paragraph just to highlight the fact that the love of potatoes is universal and goes beyond the plate. I remember eating french fries, we used to call them finger chips, with such pleasure. It seems that not just children, but adults too could not resist the temptation of those potato delights. And as if they were not enough, MaCain came and conquered our hearts. Those little round smiles on our plates are enough to uplift our moods, to fill our tummies and to ask for more.

We can NEVER EVER let go of the potato.....No I don't mean this as an idiom. I mean it LITERALLY!!! 

Be it a party, be it snack-time, be it time to add some spice to our life, all we need is SMILES.

As little children, the first thing we recognize or are able to understand is the emotions on the human faces. Babies can understand what being happy means because they can identify smiles on the faces. And when Smiles are on the platter, what more is needed, right?!!! 

And who could deny the goodness of a potato? Rich in phytonutrients, a good source of B6, potassium and even Vitamin C, what more reason do we need to eat them? Fried, well, yes....but a little frying won't hurt, right? One can bake them too, if one has some health concerns. There you go.......! Grab a pack of those frozen yummmies and you are all set for the party.

Can you believe that potatoes were once considered a bad food, even poisonous! Gosh, that sure sounds silly. But it's true. In the sixteenth century, when it was introduced in Europe, people thought that it was the food of the devil and would cause leprosy! Hard to digest that, now!

Thank God that those talks were all false and we have the fortune to enjoy our Smiles!

Oh my, oh my....I am feeling hungry. My kids too.....Wish I had McCain Smiles here in New Jersey too....!!!!!

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