Friday, October 16, 2015

It's Halloween!!!

Pumpkin O Pumpkin
Let me scoop you from within
A shape I have that's right for you
To make a spooky scary you

When night it is on Halloween
And it is time to convene
A party of all ghouls and ghosts
You will play the perfect host

Let me gather my carving knife
And let me set the table right
Let me draw a creepy face
For a glowing candle make some space

A spider crawling on your back
Spider-man rising from the cracks
A jack-o-lantern with hollow eyes
Or is it some monster in disguise?

All this and more and all set we are
Let us now keep our doors ajar
We dare to scare, and hoot and howl
A naughty team out on the prowl.....

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