Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's October....!!!

A leaf - crimson and solitary falls near my feet as I stand in my balcony. There is slight chill in the air that makes me shiver a bit. The weather that was warm a few days back has changed and brought a cool breeze with a muddy scent as rains drench the earth. The changing color of leaves makes everything outside a breath-taking spectacle. The vibrant hues on the trees speak of the frost that will settle in the air soon. What is colorful today will turn bitter white and make us sit indoors and sip hearty soups and hot teas. Yes, it is that time of the year again when warm beds and snug blankets will tempt us to become lazy. It is October again.

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Trips to farms, baskets full of lush apples, juicy beets, luscious berries, hay-rides, race through the pumpkin patch to grab the best candidate for jack-o-lantern - October has all that here in US. Kids get ready to be at their spookiest best as they choose their favorite costume to wear on Halloween. Stores welcome us with an abundance of candies and chocolates. Witches are wanted, houses are haunted, bats are in, spiders crawl around, and skeletons play the host. A whiff of sweet aroma emanates from the kitchen corners, reminding us of pumpkin pies, and the warmth of the scent of cinnamon-pumpkin cakes makes us all sugary sweet. Yes, October has it all.

Is it a wonder that October has celebrations in India too? The festival of lights, Diwali and the slaying of the demon-king Ravana happens around October. Even Durga, the principal goddess in Hindu mythology, chose to destroy the demon Mahisasura during this time which is commemorated by her ardent followers during Durga Puja. It seems that October is the demon-defeating month too....!

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It was our nation's serendipity that a great luminary was born in October. Gandhi, the father of our nation, the Messiah of peace and non-violence, who sought to win one's right by non-violent persuasion left a legacy of pacifism that the whole world follows. It is surprising that as a school boy, Gandhi had a tough time. He is known to have done only moderately well in school. His report card had a note that he was "good in English, fair in Arithmetic, bad in geography; conduct very good, bad handwriting.."   Was it not the man's own serendipity that made him travel in that train in Pretoria where he tasted racial prejudice and was thrown out on account of his color? Perhaps. From a shy boy at home, to a leader of organized revolution abroad, Gandhi came a long way, and showed us the light at the end of the tunnel, when all that we could see was darkness.

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It sure is a great time of the year. A time of beginnings and endings, a time of celebrations, a time of togetherness, a preparation to bid farewell to another year - a time for some nostalgia and some new hopes.

Let's greet it
Prospect of joy - It's

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  1. Lovely post :) Almost every festival included :D

    1. Thanks Darshith...not every festival I think, but yes, the ones I that have been part of my life....